Friday, May 1, 2009

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

It was alright. Certainly not the worst comic book movie out there, but not the best. There are some stupid, unnecessary shots and some lousy lines, but it’s still good that they made a solo Wolverine flick.

The first scene is rushed and WAY too melodramatic. After that, there’s a pretty kick-ass montage over the credits. Wolverine’s characterization is mostly solid, and most of the characters are presented fairly well. A big complaint I have is that there are about twelve back-flips in every fight. Also, some of the CGI looks really cartoonish. Wolverine’s claws looked great in the first three movies, but for some reason they’re pretty lousy and foolishly used in most of this movie.

While most of the actors do their jobs admirably, Hugh Jackman is certainly the best aspect of this movie. His acting is spot on. There’s a scene in which he gets his heart broken, and it is perfectly played. Hugh Jackman’s physique is impressive as well, though this is nothing new. Weak-ass pussies who never hit the gym should be inspired by this man who trained like an animal.

I read an interview in with the director in an issue of Wizard Magazine, and it was apparent that the director didn’t really care about the character. The movie shows that he doesn’t really do action well, and he should stick with drama/art films. If there is a sequel, I hope the producers go with a better, somewhat subtler action director than Gavin Hood.

If I go see it a second time in theaters, it will be because of Jackman’s great performance. Still, you should see it once. I know I’ll buy the DVD because I love Wolverine. If you do see it, make sure you sit ALL the way through the credits.

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