Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Wolverine: Weapon X #10

The latest issue of Wolverine: Weapon X is probably one of the best Wolverine comics I have read in years.

Jason Aaron writes a great issue that helps transition between the last arc (which was a bit strange and not all that enjoyable for me) and whatever is coming next.

Throughout this issue, Logan expresses his feelings for invesigative reporter Melita Garner, while reminiscing about lost loves (a common, but important theme in his life) and considering the danger that his love always puts someone in.

Logan fights ninja in Japan, runs into a seductive Yukio, plays chess with Storm, plays pool with Rogue, hangs out at a shooting range with Black Widow, goes shopping with Jubilee, helps Luke Cage and Jessica Jones calm down their baby daughter, and visits Mariko's grave. All the while, he discusses with his friends and Melita the fatality that seems to be inherent in his relationships. We also get to read about Logan's first time having sex!

Unfortunately, there is an ending that feels somewhat tacked-on in order to provide a "cliffhanger" feeling and make you want to stick around for the next arc. But for the most part this is a great example of a self-contained issue.

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention C.P. Smith's incredible art. His rich shadows and "gritty" colors perfectly accentuate his clean linework. Smith also presents Wolverine in several different versions of his costume, which is a delight to a long-time fan.

The cover by Adam Kubert (with Morry Hollowell) is entertaining enough, but does not do the story justice.

This is a great, poignant issue that reminds you of who Logan is as a lover and reaffirms the idea that he really is more man than animal.