Sunday, August 1, 2010

Comic books I just got (8/1/10)

Return of Bruce Wayne #4 = Meh. It saddens me to think that Grant Morrison CAN write exceptionally well, but lately he's been lousy, nonsensical, and just about impossible to follow.

Widening Gyre #6 = Great. Not sure if I like the "twist" ending (actually, "To be continued..."), but still a good read. I'm a fan of Kevin Smith, but his comics have typically been a little lacking. This mini-series shows that he's improving, though.

Batman Beyond #2 = Good. I'm looking forward to seeing where this is going.

Jack of Fables #1 = Intriguing. I'm not a huge "Fables" fan, but this is worth the buck it costs, and it makes me want to buy the trade.

Wolverine: Weapon X #15= A pretty decent ending to a decent storyline.

Wolverine Origins #50 = Pretty good. End of the series. Now I feel like an ass for dropping the regular "Wolverine" monthly title when it became all about Daken (now they're starting over at #1... if I'd kept up, I would have had every issue of the series).

Futurama #50 = Pretty good. Typical, but cool blacklight poster inside!

Simpsons #168 = Pretty good. Funny little takes on mythology (Norse gods, Greek gods, and Superman).


Bruce said...

I'm surprised that you like Widening Gyre. I haven't read it myself but I read some truly mean reviews of it, like at Comics Alliance

M.C. Elroy said...

That review was pretty well-written and actually made me laugh at some parts.
I think, however, it's an asshole move to dole out spoilers without warning.
The critic makes some good points, but I still think that this comic is better than anything I've read by Geoff Johns and I'd rather read this than what Morrison's been doing lately. But tastes are subjective and (at least for me) often unpredictable.