Monday, March 2, 2009

MegaCon 2009

It was that time of year again...

For the sixth year in a row, I attended Orlando's premier comic book, anime, sci-fi, fantasy, and collectibles convention.

Like every year, there were big smelly guys (and girls), twelve-year-olds doing their best to look like they aren't twelve, and various people in skimpy clothing (girl and guy alike). And, like every year, I tend to miss it when it's over.

I started going to MegaCon with my high school's Anime Club. We'd all take a short road trip from Jacksonville to Orlando, get hotel rooms, and have a ton of unsupervised fun for a weekend. Those weekends could simultaneously the best and the worst of the year, as there was always some sort of drama, romantic or otherwise, within the group (I was usually a participating actor in said dramas), but it was always a great time spent with friends, or people who were merely acquaintances on any other day. I loved those trips. I loved the time spent with friends more than the massive amount of nerdly goodies I'd invariably buy.

But alas, this year proved to be something of an end for that era. Though my second year in college, it was the first year that I didn't spend all or most of my time with friends. Quite a few just couldn't make it, and those that did seemed to be too busy for me... Oh, well. It was still enjoyable, as I got many goodies, got to spend some quality time with my girlfriend (though we live together, so we don't necessarily want for time together), and I live in Orlando, so it's more convenient to go than it was in high school.

The con itself was pretty goood. There seem to be more twelve-year-olds every year, though...

Many big(ish) names were there as guests, including Lou Ferrigno, Peter Mayhew, George Perez, Chris Claremont, Darwyn Cooke, Jimmy Palmiotti, and Steve McNiven (just to name a few). While I planned to get some autographs, I simply didn't want to deal with the lines while carrying around a heavy box filled with comic books I wanted signed. Maybe I'll try harder next year.

I did get to meet Lou Ferrigno. I wanted him to sign my copy of an "Incredible Hulk" DVD and "Pumping Iron". He flatly informed me that he charges $40.00 for each signature. I did not leave with a Lou Ferrigno autograph.
I managed to find some good deals and have some fun, so it was worth it. Cons are definitely something that everyone should try at least once. I know that I'll continue going to MegaCon for at least a few more years. If for no other reason than the sake of nostalgia...

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