Saturday, March 28, 2009

The "Reals" World

I'm about to break some old news here, but it was new to me when I read about it not ten minutes ago....

There are REAL superheroes in this world.

I frequently visit the BioMatrix website, and I just read the newest article - - and learned about real-life superheroes, who are often referred to as "Reals".

Apparently there are some concerned citizens out there who have been taking to the streets over the last several years in attempts to better their community and effect change. They wear costumes and go by names like The Dark Guardian, Geist, and Citizen Prime. They do good deeds like pick up litter, give food to homeless, and occasionally try to take care of petty criminals.

While there's something naturally off about someone willing to don a costume and walk the streets at night, I think that anybody who is actually working to make the world a better place seems pretty sane.

Check out the BioMatrix article and all of the links it provides for more info. It's pretty cool.


mohitparikh said...

nice link!

Adman said...

Hey man it's crazy huh? I'm glad you enjoyed the article and good to know you visit the site! Thanks for putting my link up too.

Neat blog btw, I particularly enjoyed the entry about the Ubermensch. Ironic that Nietzsche also inspired Naziism in a way with Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster being Jewish!

M.C. Elroy said...

Dig the site, of course. Just saw a thing on G4 about the Real Superhero thing.

I wish I'd gotten to write more on the superhero/Ubermensch thing for my paper. Maybe I'll do it later for liesure. I did write about the Ubermensch concept, and I touched on the fact that Nietzsche's sister was a Nazi supporter, and she basically sold his ideas for bastardization.

In actuality, Nietzsche thought Nationalism and Anti-Semitism were foolish ideas. I think he might have enjoyed the idea of the superhero, but perhaps not so much the moralistic execution that most comic writers are responsible for.