Thursday, September 2, 2010

Comics I just got (9/1/2010)

Marvel Universe vs. The Punisher #1-3 = This is a decent read. It's kinda like "The Punisher" meets "I am Legend" meets any other post-apocalyptic story. The comparisons being made to "Marvel Zombies" are not unfounded. The characterization of The Punisher is not always so great (certainly no Garth Ennis, not even Jason Aaron). He just keeps saying "I'm a shooter. I'm just a shooter. I'm not fighting FOR anything. I'm just a shooter. Padre. Padre. Padre." Goran Parlov's art is enjoyable, though.

Wolverine #1 = meh. The writing's kinda decent, but not as good as most of Jason Aaron's stuff. The whole "Hell" thing is stupid to me. The best part of the comic is the Silver Samurai back-up story.

Shadowland: Elektra = This is a pretty good one-shot. For the most part, I enjoy how Elektra is portrayed, but something is lost in the combination of the art and writing. I can't really describe it.

Shadowland #3 = meh. I'm still not really enjoying the series. The Punisher isn't used enough, even though he's on the cover. The only other thing I can remember reading by Andy Diggle is "Green Arrow: Year One" and I mostly enjoy that story. This comic, though...

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