Thursday, September 16, 2010

Comics I just got (9/16/10)

"What If? Daredevil VS. Elektra" = A decent little one-shot. The main story is so-so (What if Matt Murdock died saving Elektra and her dad in college? According to these cats: he gets ressurected by the Hand, Elektra becomes a SHIELD agent, the Hand destroys SHIELD, Elektra gets trained by Stick, and then Elektra and the undead Murdock fight.), but the cover (referencing Frank Miller's work) and the funny bits on the last couple pages bring the book home.

"Punisher: Year One" = Pretty good trade. Collecting the mini-series from 94/95, it's a worthwhile book that heavily influenced the 2004 film version (which I think is a highly underrated film). Unfortunately, just about all the action is in the last chapter, but it's still worth reading.

"Batman Beyond" #4 = Ugh. This book isn't exactly getting any better, with a pretty unbeliavable/lousy "twist" ending. Still, I do like seeing more stuff in the Beyond era. Makes me want more of the cartoon.

"Marvel Universe VS. The Punisher" #4 = This is the best issue of the mini-series. The way the conclusion of this story is written is a great improvement over the writing in the previous issues. Parlov's art, though cartoony, still seems befitting of the Punisher to me. I highly recommend this mini for any Punisher fans, if for no other reason than this excellent final issue.

"Batman" #703 = Perhaps the most enjoyable issue of "Batman" I've read in years. Fabian Nicieza and Cliff Richards deliver a well-written, well-drawn issue in which Dick, Damien, and Alfred display just the right amount of skill, heart, and optimism.

"Serenity" #1 = Go out and spend a buck on this reprint of the first issue of "Those Left Behind". Good stuff.

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