Saturday, September 19, 2009


I’m usually a big fan of whatever Mark Millar does. Especially when it comes to superhero comics. That said, “1985” is a bit disappointing.

I thought it would be a nice story that called back to the Marvel comics of the mid-80s. It kind of is, but it’s really more about a young boy who likes Marvel comics in this time period. It’s a rather odd story, in which super villains invade the “real” world. I don’t find the plot “twist”/explanation particularly satisfying. I kind of wish that Millar would have just done another superhero comic, with no “What is reality?” gimmick.

Tommy Lee Edwards has an interesting pencil style. I don’t really feel strongly about it, one way or another.

Plenty of people enjoy this story, but I’m not going to suggest it.

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