Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ultimate Wolverine VS. Hulk (finally!)

All the way back in early 2006, Damon Lindelof and Leinil Francis Yu started what was to be a mind-blowing mini-series. The first two issues certainly lived up to the promise, and promised more to come. Unfortunately, the third issue didn’t come out until May 2009.

I bought those first two issues way back in early 2006, and have recently purchased the last four issues of "Ultimate Wolverine VS. Hulk", finally completing the series.

The art is great. I like Yu’s pencil style. Of, course, the story idea is awesome. Wolverine-Hulk fights rarely (if ever) disappoint. And the actual fighting in the mini-series is anything but disappointing. Wolverine’s characterization is super cool, and the Hulk is done well. Unfortunately, the last four issues that we fans had to wait three years for are pretty disappointing story-wise. Why? Betty Banner as She-Hulk, that’s why.

Sorry to Lindelof if I’m giving away the “big twist” that comes mid- late-series, but I don’t think I’m really spoiling anything for would-be readers (especially since She-Hulk is on the cover of issue 4).
For some damn reason, Lindelof decided to ruin an otherwise great story with the one of the most stupid ideas to pop up in the Ultimate universe.

I still suggest it for anyone looking for some cool Wolverine action and dialogue, and some cool Banner/Hulk discussion. If you’re really averse to She-Hulk and dumb ideas though, maybe you should steer clear.

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