Saturday, September 19, 2009

Superman: Last Son

If you read my review of “Green Lantern: Rebirth” you might be able to pick up on my subtle dislike of the writing of Geoff Johns. This dislike leads me to wonder who had more to do with “Superman: Last Son” – Geoff Johns or Richard Donner.

Last Son” is quite excellent. Richard Donner and Geoff Johns provide a great story in which a young Kryptonian boy shows up in Metropolis, General Zod and his minions escape the Phantom Zone and wreak havoc, Superman is imprisoned, and Lex Luthor leads a group of villains on a heroic mission.

It’s a great, kind of old-fashioned Superman story, filled with continuity craziness, an unlikely team-up, and a TON of action. Issue 4 is mostly done in “Phantom Zone Vision”, and you get a super cool effect by looking through the 3D glasses provided. This is a great, gimmicky type thing that enhances the feeling that you’re reading a story that is on par with the best Gold and Silver Age Superman stories, as well as the Dick Donner portions of the Superman movies.

I always like Adam Kubert’s art style, even if it kind of looks like it goes straight from rough sketch to the printer.

I can only suggest that you go out and buy this book right now.

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