Sunday, September 13, 2009

Wolverine: Weapon X

I should preface this by saying that I (1) dislike event comics (so I’m not enjoying “Dark Reign”) and (2) I have never liked Wolverine’s son Daken (neither as a character nor as a story point).
So, naturally, I’m not really enjoying the main Wolverine monthly title and hate that Marvel decided to create a new Wolverine monthly title.

So, at first I was against Wolverine: Weapon X. However, after really giving the series a chance, I’ve gotta say I’m digging it. I like Jason Aaron’s writing and Ron Garney’s pencils on this series. I like to see Logan being a real bad-ass stealth fighter. It’s so cool to see a black-clothed Wolverine going up against a platoon of soldiers who have pretty much the same powers as him.

If you wanna see some great action, see Maverick being a bad-ass without his powers, and get a pretty much perfect rendition of Wolverine (how he speaks, acts, and looks are all spot on), then you should definitely be picking up Wolverine: Weapon X.

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