Sunday, September 13, 2009

Dynamic Karate

It’s not a new book (published originally in 1966), and I’ve had my eye on it for a few years (frequently seeing it in a book store and thinking “Hmmm…”), but I only recently (finally) got around to purchasing M. Nakayama’s "Dynamic Karate".

These are the chapters:
Chapter 1:
Stance and Posture
Chapter 2:
Applying Power in the Hips
Chapter 3:
Balance and Center of Gravity
Chapter 4:
Hands and Feet Can be Weapons
Chapter 5:
Tsuki (Punching) Theory and Practice
Chapter 6:
Uchi (Striking) Theory and Practice
Chapter 7:
Keri (Kicking) Theory and Practice
Chapter 8:
Uke (Blocking) Theory and Practice
Chapter 9:
Defense and Countering Joudan (Upper) Attacks
Chapter 10:
Defense and Countering Chuudan (Mid-Section) Attacks
Chapter 11:
Defense and Countering Gedan (Lower) Attacks
Chapter 12:
Basic Training
Chapter 13:
Calisthenics and Exercises

It’s an excellent book for anyone looking for some insights into the basic movements of Shotokan karate. While it doesn’t outline the kata (so you won’t really learn the system overall), it does provide great pictures that go through basic moves in great detail.

While it doesn’t really teach an experienced practitioner any new moves, it’s good to go through the basics and get some of this master’s insights and training methods.

I suggest it for both casual and serious, beginning and advanced practitioners of martial arts. The $30.00 cover price is worth it.


mohitparikh said...

looks like a good at fundamental level. Feel like buying it.

M.C. Elroy said...

You totally should. I spent the $30.00 cover price, but then yesterday I saw it in a used book store for $15.00... Oh well. Still worth it.